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The Stanford Open Policing Project obtained data on millions of state patrol stops and found evidence that minorities are held to a double standard. The data are being shared with researchers, journalists and the public.

A beta version of the only destination offering hassle-free access to the bulk data tracking money in California politics.

Best practices and ideal scenarios for using 360-degree video and virtual reality technology in storytelling.

Jay Hamilton writes in Nieman Reports about accountability journalism, based on his new book, “Democracy’s Detectives: The Economics of Investigative Journalism."

An attempt to find out if traffic stops are prone to racial bias confronted a frayed patchwork of data across the country.

The 2016 McClatchy Symposium celebrated 125 Years of Journalism at Stanford.

Cheryl Phillips co-authored the "Teaching Data and Computational Journalism" report, published by Columbia Journalism School and The Knight Foundation.

Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley for a two-day conference exploring the interface between journalism and computing.

Interviews highlighting an interdisciplinary, Knight Foundation-supported data project the CJ Lab is involved with.

Knight Foundation named an interdisciplinary data reporting project affiliated with the Stanford Computational Journalism Lab among the winners of the Knight News Challenge on Data.

Interviews highlighting new initiatives in data journalism and storytelling in the Stanford Journalism Program.

Come for a night of free pizza and presentations about data journalism and computational techniques as used in today's newsrooms.

In case you missed the Sept. 30 CJ Lab info session, a summary and some links to get you acquainted.

Volunteers contributed more than 250 code commits toward a larger project to make California's sprawling campaign finance database more accessible.

The Stanford Daily explores the Stanford Journalism Program's new data-driven focus

Stanford News Service highlights California Civic Data Coalition's Knight Foundation funding

The Coalition is one of 22 projects to be awarded a total of $3.2 million in Knight Foundation funding.

The project aims to make it easier to obtain and analyze money in California state politics.

Examining corruption in politics as seen through the lens of three fields: legal scholarship, journalism, and political science.

An interview with the Stanford Journalism director Jay Hamilton.

The Stanford Data Lab is a new initiative to teach the practical skills of data science by engaging students in the solution of real problems.

Stanford's Journalism Program, REVS, and Center for Automotive Research hosted a conference on the changing landscape of vehicle and transportation related data.

The American Journalism Review looks at a creative way to teach complex data visualization topics.

An alliance of journalists wants to make public datasets easier to crunch

The International Journalists' Network looks at the new changes to Stanford's journalism program.

Dan Nguyen will join the Stanford Journalism Program as a Lecturer in the Department of Communication in Fall 2014.

Cheryl Phillips talks to the Tow Center for Digital Journalism about telling stories with data.

Cheryl Phillips, an award-winning journalist with The Seattle Times, will join the Stanford Journalism Program as a Lecturer in the Department of Communication.

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Data and journalism-related speakers, workshops and other events around the Stanford campus and beyond.