Our Mission

The Stanford Computational Journalism Lab supports the evolution of computational approaches to public affairs journalism through research, teaching and the production of reporting.

What We Do

The CJ Lab surfaces problems faced by reporters to those focused on computational approaches to solving analytical challenges. Classes and projects at the CJ Lab focus on two research questions:

  • How do you lower the costs of discovering stories through better use of data and algorithms?
  • How do you tell stories in more personalized and engaging ways?

Answering these questions often involves turning unstructured information into structured data for analysis, a challenge pursued by many different parts of the Stanford campus, including:

We’re part of the interdisciplinary ecosystem of journalism innovation at Stanford.

The ultimate goal of the CJ Lab is to produce students, algorithms and investigations that uncover and reveal stories that currently go untold.

Journalism Community at Stanford

Getting Involved

There are many ways to become engaged with the work of the Stanford CJ Lab, including projects, classes, tutorials, conferences and meet-ups.

If you are interested in following trends in journalism and computation, you can:

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  • Stanford students can apply for MAGIC grants, which support innovative media projects.

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Meet the Team

Photo of Jay Hamilton
Jay Hamilton
Director of Stanford Journalism Program
Hearst Professor of Communication and the Director of the Journalism Program. Authored "Democracy’s Detectives: The Economics of Investigative Journalism." Previously at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. Learn more.
Photo of Cheryl Phillips
Cheryl Phillips
Hearst Professional in Residence
Previously worked at The Seattle Times from 2002-2014. Her most recent position in Seattle was as Data Innovation Editor. Learn more.