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How can we use data and algorithms to lower the costs of discovering stories?

How do we tell stories in more personalized and engaging ways?

Get involved in our projects, courses, events, and research opportunities, as we work to change the way stories are discovered and told.

We are working on:


Pioneering a data-focused curriculum

At Stanford, we've launched five new courses focused on public affairs reporting, computational methods and investigative journalism. We're also exploring immersive storytelling with virtual reality and 360-degree video in a new class.

Decoding campaign finance data

We're helping the California Civic Data Coalition make the state's arcane database tracking money in politics easy to mine -- a project awarded $250,000 by Knight Foundation.  

Building a data journalism community

We host Hacks/Hackers meetups at Stanford and are hosting the 2016 Computation + Journalism Symposium at Stanford this year.  

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